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Koach Logistics has made a commitment to designing, building and manufacturing a myriad of tools that are intended to address logistical problems faced in various industries. From the generation of advertisement revenue, to ensuring transportation is available to students, Koach Logistics is working tirelessly to ensure all parties impacted by logistics success and failures are met with solutions, and not problems.

What We Offer

Koach Logistics is the parent company of several organizations, each specializing in the research and development of unique solutions intended to optimize logistics needs from start to finish.

Koach Promotions

Koach Promotions is committed to developing advertising tools specific to the rideshare industry. Our goal is to help drivers make more money, while simultaneously expanding the advertising networks of businesses and individuals.

Koach Mobile App

Koach Logistics has developed an application that allows individuals to gain access to a fleet of For-Hire Vehicles. Our mobile app is designed to provide opportunities for drivers to generate more income by driving passengers or completing deliveries.

Koach Dispatch

Koach Dispatch is a branch of Koach Logistics that develops physical and digital tools that permit passengers to access, track and keep record of data as it relates to Koach Logistics and the needs of the passengers.

Koach For Class

In order to ensure that all individuals have equal opportunities for educational and extracurricular activities, Koach For Class was created to help ensure transportation is never an issue. Safety and security is at the forefront of our practice.

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Koach Logistics has committed decades of knowledge and experience towards research and development of our logistics solutions. Contact us and learn more about what we offer!